A great new member of the RootWorks Collection, this Tiered Server with warm brass hardware makes a bold statement on the table or the buffet. Each platter is hand-carved for a unique look and a lovely organic appeal, no matter what you're serving.


RootWorks® raw materials come from stumps left by logging operations. After careful cleaning and grading each gnarled stump is then transformed by skilled carvers into the gorgeous and unique RootWorks® products we proudly offer. The rough stump is turned and studied, inner and outer surfaces rough-hewn, balanced, shaved and nibbled with sharp tools. Each piece is then carefully sanded, smoothed, and lacquered, revealing the depth of grain, stunning color, and variety of sculptural shapes.

Casual Dining

With several pieces available in a wide range of colors, the Casual Dining Collection fits all sorts of occasions, from truly casual outdoor barbecues to festive holiday affairs.


Our MANGOCRAFT collection of stylish bowls and trays are carved from Mango trees grown in Thailand's vast mango plantations. The Mango tree bears fruit for about 20 to 30 years, after which time it is cut down by the farmer to make room for new seedlings. The creamy, dense mango wood is then reclaimed by local craftsmen for carving into a wide variety of useful and intriguing products. Each piece in this collection reminds one that each tree has a character and texture all its own.