Private Label Product Development

Specialized Product Development Capabilities - Private Label

Enrico has always been a direct sourcing company;  we personally travel to our overseas sources and work directly with the artisans and factories who produce our products, whether utilizing our own OEM designs, variations on their current products, or a collaboratively designed item.

You can leverage these capabilities to create products that fit your vision and your brand image.  We will work with your design and merchant teams to develop a style, quality level, and pricepoint that will accurately reflect your brand mission and fit your customers' budgets.  Whether you want a refined, classic tabletop statement, a high color splash, or a rustic, organic look, we have the resources to suit your goals.

We work primarily in reclaimed woods and sustainable yield materials from a variety of sources.  Wood species include fir, mango, acacia, and various other reclaimed root and hardwoods, as well as fully certified plantation teak.  We can source additional components to personalize your collection too, whether in ceramic, glass, metal, or other decorative materials.

In addition to product development we have in-house packaging design capabilities so your marketing story is communicated effectively and your products are properly presented and protected.  We want your Private Label to represent your brand!


Please contact us at Info@Enricoproducts.com or by phone at 1-866-566-9876 for an initial consultation about Private Label product development!