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Enrico's Chevron Buffet & Display Riser System

has become a top seller in the food service marketplace.

This system can be confirgured in hundreds of ways to suit

your needs.

The Chevron System

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Featured Article

Weighty, reliable and high-performance, this is the Bugatti of cheese graters. It was designed by Enrico Ratti, who worked as a carpenter for a wealthy family near Castagneto, Italy, at the turn of the century. He fell in love with their daughter, Luisa, and when the family rebuffed his marriage proposal, the couple eloped to the U.S. They found that America lacked many tools for cooking with Italian ingredients, so Enrico designed this countertop grater to handle their beloved hard cheeses. This Acacia model is the modern version of his design—outfitted with a foot that stabilizes it on the counter, a drawer for catching the cheese, and two dynamically sharp blades that either shred your Parmigiano-Reggiano or grind it to a snowy powder. It never leaves our counter, and it should have a home on yours, too.


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