Dear Enrico Customer,

Our Enrico Products line began with small collections of products made from fast-growing, sustainable yield hard bamboo and reclaimed stumps of the gorgeous Chinese Fir, and has continued to expand over the years.  We’ve added new collections and a number of new and interesting materials to our already fascinating lineup of tabletop, gourmet, gift and décor items.  All our offerings continue to use raw materials that fit naturally into the eco-friendly and sustainable categories popular with so many retailers and consumers.  Later additions to the Enrico line also take their cues from the bamboo and fir product attributes:  sustainable, renewable, reclaimed, environmentally friendly, and “eco-intelligent”, a term we coined for products that incorporate conscientiously sourced materials in inventive ways to create truly unique products.

We have moved away from bamboo over the years but any of the designs from our old bamboo collection have now been reproduced in fast-growing acacia.  Reclaimed Thai mango and hand-collected hardwood root products have been added in recent years.  The range of products made from highly sustainable hand-carved mango wood is a current favorite.  The mango trunks are harvested from mango plantations after they have stopped producing fruit and the wood is absolutely transformed by talented carvers into our whole collection of dishes and bowls.  There are more reclaimed goods to be found in the Jungle Driftwood Collection, made from naturally fallen trunks and old roots collected in the vast forests of Northern Thailand.   The EcoTeak Collection is made from reclaimed teak painstakingly re-milled from pieces of derelict houses and fences found in Northern Thailand.  We continue to seek out these treasure troves of natural wonder, to specify new products blending the artistic with the utilitarian from the great array of materials, and to bring them to market in cost-effective ways.

Here at Enrico we pride ourselves on our extensive direct experience with overseas suppliers, working in person to streamline production practices like kiln drying and wood storage, helping introduce more environmentally friendly water-based finishes, using recyclable packing products, and reducing packaging volumes to better utilize container space.  We also make it a priority to tell the real stories of our supply chain, the production processes, the wonderful talents of our overseas partners, and the efforts to reduce impact on the environment and the waste stream.  Call it green, eco-friendly, reclaimed, or recycled, this is all part of eco-intelligence, and underlies each new product we consider in our development process.

Sincerely,  The Enrico Team