Camphor Laurel

Camphor LaurelCamphor Laurel trees are considered nuisance plants in Australia, where they are being actively eradicated to stop their encroachment on useful land; using this material for housewares is eco-intelligent material sourcing at its best! Camphor wood can show a wide variation in color, grain, and texture in a single board. Each item in this collection is hand-crafted from this unique lumber source, and our craftsmen painstakingly dry, sort and laminate this unique wood to magnify its breadth of character. Along with beautiful grain and an enchanting scent, camphor laurel is very durable and it’s easy on your fine cutlery. Our camphor laurel wood cutting boards are hand sanded and finished with a simple oil finish and should be hand-washed with soap and warm water, then hand-dried. An occasional application of plain mineral oil will keep cutting boards beautiful and well conditioned. Salad bowls and servers are finished with a certified food-safe hand-washable lacquer for durability, and ease of cleaning.

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